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How to Pass the Series 65 Exam

Last Thursday I passed the Series 65 exam.  This is the exam required to start up a hedge fund in the state of Connecticut.  You're allowed three hours to take the test and it is composed of 140 questions with 10 practice questions thrown in there (you don't know which ones are the practice ones).  A passing score is 72% or higher.  It costs $135 and anyone can take it; you don't need to be sponsored like other exams.  Here's a quick run through of what you need to do in order to sign up for it, and pass it: Signing Up for It: This can be done by going to  and filling out the Form U10.  Create an account, fill out some simple information, and pay the $135 fee.  Then, you'll get a couple of email confirmations, saying that the application has been received and that soon you'll be able to make an appointment at a testing center.  A day or two later you'll receive another email saying that you can schedule you're appointment. Choose your app