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Keeping an Eye On HSBC in February

Although I usually stick to extremely small niches for ideas, what's going on with this company is too fascinating not to comment on. HSBC has been in the crossfires of the Hong Kong protests lately.  They're expected to release 2019 annual results sometime around Feb 18th, so perhaps now is a prudent time to re-examine the totality of developments that have been going on at the 5th largest bank in the world. It's no secret that HSBC has a massive exposure to mainland China and Hong Kong.  In my opinion, the writer behind Strategic Macro does a wonderful job of describing it  here.   I suggest everyone to read through it.  If Strategic Micro doesn't provide a follow up to his original post once annual results get released, perhaps I will. Right now though the only update I'll add to the topics discussed in that post, is that according to Centa-City Leading Index, it appears Hong Kong secondary private residential property prices have peaked and are on their wa