Paybox Going Private Transaction

This idea is for the extremely small investor, but it came across my newsfeed and it's an easy layup for anyone with a lot of cash so it was worth sharing:

Paybox (OTC:PBOX) announced this afternoon that it has decided to go private by doing a 1 for 1,000 reverse stock split. Any shareholder that doesn't own at least 1,000 shares will be cashed out for $.80 . By cashing these shareholders out, PBOX will have less than 300 shareholders on record, and will effectively be a private company under the Securities Exchange of 1934.  This saves them money from not having to file documents with the SEC.

The reverse stock split will be put to a vote at a special meeting on a date to be announced in the near future. Investors relations said the date will be released after the SEC reviews the docs.

Simple thing to do: buy 999 shares for .50 (what was being offered at time of writing) and cash out for .80

Because all officers and directors as a group control over a majority of the company, the main risk is that the board cancels the reverse split and the offer.

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